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 Hello Guys!

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PostSubject: Hello Guys!   Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:05 am

Hello everyone! My name is supaguygames Basketball , i am the real creator of I Wanna Be The Platinum, but sadly, the game does not exist anymore, the reason is my computer has been formatted the hard drive, and also, i will never re-make it. But it will be a sequel Smile , but i lost the engine named "I Wanna Be The Better Engine", created by SniperYo, when i go re-downloading it, it says "FOR THOSE CONCERNED, YES I DID DELETE THE ENGINE. FOR THOSE WHO STILL HAVE IT, I AM HOPEFUL THAT YOU EITHER HAVE THE SKILL TO TURN IT INTO SOMETHING GOOD OR REMOVE IT. I AM DONE WITH THE WHOLE HELPDESK SCENE." But i think i PM SniperYo, i think i will have secretly the engine, or not. Hopefully, then i made a post why there's no IWBTG engines.

So, enjoy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Hello Guys!   Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:33 pm

First I'd like to say long time no see boshy community srry i haven't been on in a LONG time I kinda got caught up in things like, mungyodance 3 (which i might post about), team fortress 2 (mabye post about), boshy (have something to talk about it), and some other things including minecraft Razz. But over all ill try to be on more since I guess its sorta my fault that people don't come to much on the forums since I was the one who suggested skype to everybody (hehe srry). But anyways along with the forum

Welcome sup to the forums and nice to meet you. So I see your the creator of platinum. Well I would have to say the game was ok (waves hand side to side meh) the only thing was:
1. Pretty laggy idk if it was intentional like slowness to help players precision or just cuz theres a lot of things.
2. A bit easy don't ya think? Like you could have easy but make a good hard I beat the game on like the hardest difficulty in like 1 try Razz
3. other stuff I don't want to list and stuffy stuff

But over all I do like the game-ish. When you finish your next game lemme beta test it Razz I might record if i find a good recording program. (atm i might use hypercam2 but when you record minecraft with it its like someone smeared paint all over the screen) Btw make the game hard ;P the harder the better. Idk what kirbz will say to that though xD.

Also I was thinking of making my own game called I wanna be the Ultimate Finale. Basically it'll be the so called "end" to the iwbtg series (even though the story line isn't completely strait forward) but the story goes like this after beating countless people/things the "Boshy/Guy/etc." is now bored and feels like retiring when he recieves a letter. It is the ultimate challenge. Not only do all the great people he fought want a last rematch GOD himself wants to kill the "kid" since he killed so many things on the Earth and things not on the Earth.

The game should include MASSIVE amounts of things including power ups, gravity, cutseans ( yea i know misspelled auto correct won't show me right one :/), and more. (some of these ideas won't be in the game mabye do to with limitations of 2d gaming but who knows part of the game might have 3d-ness ;P)


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PostSubject: Re: Hello Guys!   Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:22 am

Also, i found that Kirbymario helped me find that old game and i re-uploaded, so here's the link:

Tell Purple Kirby to change the old link to this new link.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello Guys!   

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Hello Guys!
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